Motorcycle accidents can result from dangerous passing

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Most drivers likely understand the need to sometimes pass a vehicle in front of them when, for example, that vehicle is moving too slowly for the passing driver. When such a move is necessary, most drivers will do so with safety in mind. However, some drivers do not make wise choices and will pass another vehicle even in unsafe conditions. Although accidents involving unsafe passing or other risky actions can, of course, happen with any motorized vehicle, motorcycle accidents tend to be the most deadly, and this was certainly the case recently in Southern California.

The crash happened on a Sunday afternoon in Silverado Canyon on a stretch of road known for deadly accidents. A motorcycle carrying two people attempted to pass a car on at a bend in the road, crossed the double yellow lines and swerved into oncoming traffic. The vehicle collided head-on with another motorcycle headed in the opposite direction.

Four people, the two drivers and a passenger on each motorcycle, died in the collision. A California Highway Patrol officer has said it is one of the worst crashes they have seen in a long time. He added that drivers need to exercise patience and should not make unsafe and unnecessary moves, even if they are in a hurry. The driver of the car that the motorcyclist had tried to pass remained on scene to relay details to police.

In attempting a pass under dangerous conditions, the motorcycle driver made a poor choice. As a result, sadly, four lives were lost, and motorcycle accidents such as this one are especially devastating since it appears they could have been prevented. If the investigation concludes that this driver is at fault, as seems to be the likely case, the families of the other three victims may have cause to pursue legal action. Although the driver also died in the crash, his estate may be held responsible in California civil court. If successfully litigated, a wrongful death lawsuit could help the families recover monetary losses, such as funeral costs and lost future income.

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