Burn Injuries And Serious Burns: Experienced Attorneys In Anaheim

Workers who deal with chemicals, flammable liquid, oil or gas rigs are at risk of suffering serious burn injuries at work. Work accidents that involve burn injuries are some of the most serious and life-changing injuries in workers' compensation claims. These injuries are very painful, require a lot of time to heal and can even prevent a worker from ever being able to go back to work. Permanent disability can be sought in addition to workers' compensation benefits.

Seeking Benefits For Workers Suffering From Burn Injuries

Our workers' compensation practice at the Law Offices of William W. Green & Associates, includes helping injured workers who suffered serious burn injuries while on the job. From plant explosions to chemical burn injuries, we are here to help you get the workers' comp benefits that you deserve. This means seeking coverage for all your medical expenses, lost wages and more. If there was a potential third party who was liable for your injury, we can instead seek a personal injury claim, which can mean damages for pain and suffering.

Our goal is to get you and your family back on track after such a terrible work accident. Please call toll free at 800-524-5446 to tell one of our lawyers about your burn injury case.

Types Of Burn Injuries

Burns can happen from not just flames and fire but also chemicals and electrical equipment. Explosive chemicals can create very serious burn injuries. An electrical shock also can cause serious third-degree burn injuries. No matter what type of burn injury you suffered at work, we will seek maximum benefits.

The seriousness of your burn injury many times depends on how much of your body has suffered a burn injury as well as the degree of the burn. Second- and third-degree burns are the most serious, and often require skin grafts.

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