Anaheim Attorneys Handling Repetitive Motion Injuries

Many people's jobs involve doing the same thing every day or most days. Most of us accept this as simply being part of having a job. But, repeated activity can take a toll on our bodies that leaves us injured and unable to work any longer. These types of injuries are referred to as repetitive motion injuries.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is probably the most well-known type of repetitive motion or repetitive stress injury. But, there are many other types of repetitive motion injuries and they can be caused by almost any type of activity that is repeated every day. For example:

  • A warehouse worker who has to lift 50 pound boxes multiple times every day for years. Eventually that worker's shoulders or back may become too strained to be able to lift anymore.
  • A worker's desk is improperly laid out, which causes that worker to have to sit in an awkward position for hours each day.

One mistake many people make is to simply assume that the pain they are experiencing is due to aging, stress or some other factor. Come in and discuss your situation with one of our attorneys.

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