Trucking Accidents Caused By Truck Driver Fatigue

Truck drivers only make money when their rigs are rolling. Unfortunately, this means that many truck drivers stay on the road much longer than allowed by law. This puts innocent drivers at risk.

At the Law Offices of William W. Green & Associates, our attorneys understand the Federal Motor Carrier regulations that apply in truck accidents. If a truck driver has stayed on the road too long, we will work hard to hold the trucking company and its insurance carrier accountable. We offer a free lawyer consultation to discuss your case. We service clients in Newport Beach, Anaheim and other communities in Orange County, California.

Truck Driver Logbook Responsibilities

Truck drivers are required to keep logbooks to show that they complied with hours-of-service laws. For example, the logbook must show that the driver did not drive more than 11 hours after 10 consecutive hours off duty. Just because a logbook says that a driver was off duty, however, does not mean that is true. Truckers commonly refer to the logbook as the “cheat sheet.”

To keep truckers honest, our lawyers will compare the logbook with other evidence to make sure that driver actually took rest breaks as required by law. The following are examples of evidence that can be used to uncover falsified logbook entries:

  • Food and fuel receipts
  • Distances traveled
  • Toll records
  • Truck computer records, which show when the truck was moving

Tired truck drivers are slower to react to changing road conditions than those who are rested, and may even fall asleep behind the wheel. Juries do not like it when tired drivers put others at risk and may award additional compensation to the victims.

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