Pilot Error In Airplane Accidents

The lives of every single passenger on a plane are in the hands of the pilot and his or her co-pilot. Their job is to keep every passenger safe from their departure and ending destinations. This includes the boarding, taxing, the runway, take-off and landing. When a pilot makes a mistake or error, this can cause huge ramifications from passenger injury to a serious incident, such as an airplane crash. The result is almost always a catastrophic or total loss. If you believe pilot error was the cause of your loved one's airplane accident, make sure you hire a law firm that can handle these complicated types of injury cases.

Over Three Decades Of Experience Representing Injured Victims In California

For over three decades, our personal injury law firm in Anaheim, California, has been protecting the rights of injured victims. This includes airplane crashes that involve pilot error. Pilot error is something that many times could have been mitigated or avoided with proper training, protocol or enforcement.

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We are here to find out the truth for you and your family and then proceed with taking any and all legal action against negligent parties. This may include the airline, its insurance carrier and any third parties such as pilot schools or training companies.

How Pilot Error Happens

Our attorneys will work with experts in going through the facts and findings of the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) in determining the cause of the crash, which can many times include pilot error. Pilot error can happen for many reasons, including:

  • Inexperienced pilots or undertrained pilots who were allowed to fly unsupervised
  • Pilot operating while distracted: this includes cellphone use, drinking or using illicit drugs
  • Failure to properly monitor altitude and speed of airplane
  • Failure to communicate using proper protocol with air traffic control
  • Inadequate management of landing gear or other mechanical errors

This is a very complex type of injury lawsuit, and you can feel secure in knowing our law firm is highly experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to personal injury in California.

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