Airplane And Aviation Accidents

While statistically airplane crashes are not as likely to happen as often as a car accident, the result is often deadly. Survivors are many times left seriously injured with life-long injuries, such as brain trauma or spinal cord damage. Whether your loved one was in a large aircraft crash or a small Cessna plane accident, we can help you with any legal action against negligent parties who contributed to the cause of the crash.

Representing Both Large Aircraft And Small Plane Crash Victims And Their Families

The investigation of an airplane crash, especially larger aircrafts can take months, even years, before the findings are brought forth. Having a compassionate and experienced team of attorneys on your side, every step of the way can help make this long and difficult road to justice a little easier.

Our dedicated lawyers are very experienced, with more than three decades of helping accident and injury victims throughout Southern California. Based in Anaheim, California, we help airplane and aviation accident victims and their families, as they take legal action and seek full and fair compensation. These are complex cases that require lawyers like us who are knowledgeable and skilled in personal injury law.

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Various Types Of Airplane Accidents And Injuries

In addition to fatal airplane crashes, serious injuries can also occur on the airplane before, during and after take-off or landing. Turbulence can cause a shift in cargo or luggage, shooting out and causing very serious head injuries. In some cases, turbulence has even killed passengers.

The manufacturing of plane parts or defects in the design of a plane can be contributors to a crash. Pilot mistake/error can also be a huge factor in an airplane accident. No matter what type of airplane crash or cause, we will thoroughly investigate and bring in the right experts to help us understand what negligence caused your loved one's injury or death, and then take legal action necessary to seek justice.

Looking For Airplane Accident Injury Counsel?

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