Injuries common after vehicle crashes

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Whiplash is just one of many common injuries that people may experience after a car crash, especially when they are hit from behind.

With the volume of traffic in Southern California, drivers in the region are aware of the ever-present risk of being involved in an automobile accident. Crashes that result in fatalities or life-threatening injuries make news headlines while countless other accidents rack up a range of other injuries and associated costs.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that for every person who dies in a motor vehicle accident, 100 people suffer injuries requiring emergent treatment and eight more must be admitted to the hospital for treatment. In 2012, more than two and a half million emergency department visits and approximately 200,000 hospital admittances were attributed to automobile crash injuries. Those hospitalizations translated into over one million days in the hospital.

From a cost perspective, the impact can be felt by individuals and their employers alike. The financial impact of lost work time in 2012 was calculated at more than $30 billion. The average cost of lifetime medical expenses for accident-related injuries can exceed $18 billion.

Whiplash common auto accident injury

As explained by WebMD, whiplash results after the head is suddenly jerked back and forth as commonly happens in a rear-end collision . Severe cases of whiplash can take up to a year to fully heal. Treatment may include any combination of physical therapy, pain medication, physical neck supports and reduced activity.

Some symptoms of whiplash include weakness or tingling through the upper extremities or leg or even tingling in the chest. Pain in the neck region and down the arm is also commonly experienced with whiplash. This pain may go away and then reappear after several days even.

Other accident injuries and symptoms

In addition to stiffness and pain through the neck, KTAR News reports that headaches, low back pain and emotional trauma are also frequently experienced by victims of vehicle crashes. Headaches may be indicators of things like whiplash or even blot clots in the brain. Some people have nightmares that are triggered by the trauma of their wrecks. All of these things can have direct and negative effects on victims' daily lives. They can prevent people from performing their jobs and doing other things they love like picking up a baby or working out.

Recommendations for accident victims

Certainly it is important for anyone who has been hit by another vehicle to collect all information from the other driver. In addition to tending to medical needs, victims are encouraged to contact an attorney. Working with someone experienced in auto accident claims can be beneficial in knowing how best to seek appropriate compensation.