How safe is the public transit system in California?

Discover how safe it is to ride the rail transit system in California. Learn more about common risks, along with getting information about statistics.

Having access to the rail transit system in California is nice because it can allow people to get around without having to add to the pollution or the traffic on the roadways. However, there are concerns over the safety of the system and whether the government is doing enough to ensure riders are kept safe while in and around the rails.

Safety figures

The California Public Utilities Commission keeps records of safety issues on the rail transit system. It is important to note only certain instances are reported, though. Serious injuries, extensive property damage and fatalities are the only incidents tracked. Minor injuries or issues are not accounted for in the figures used to assess the safety of the system.

In 2016, the different public transportation lines, including San Diego Trolley, NCTD Sprinter and San Francisco MTA, reported a total of 256 incidents. This was a slight increase over the past two years. Of these reports, 112 were for injuries and fatalities. There were 21 deaths and 91 injuries as a result of the incidents reported.

Riders' reports

The LA Times takes things a step further by looking into how riders feel about their safety on the public transit systems. One survey taken showed 30 percent of the people surveyed said they do not feel safe on public transit systems and that safety concerns prevented them from using them. One of the biggest concerns was sexual harassment of all types, which seemed to be a prevalent issue.

Authorities are not shying away from the problem anymore despite a history of trying to downplay it. Because of a dip in the number of people using public transit, they have begun instituting more safety measures in all areas, including increasing security guards. In fact, they doubled the number of armed patrols. New staffing plans are also being considered to ensure security is kept tight on all systems.

Staying safe when on public transit systems is a huge concern for riders. Nobody wants to be assaulted or fear for their safety while trying to simply go from one place to another. If alternatives offer a safer solution, the number of riders and the amount of use of the public transit systems will continue to decline. Hopefully, new moves by the authorities will help clean up the system and make it a safer transportation option. If you have suffered an injury on the rail transit system, consider getting assistance from the Law Offices of William W. Green & Associates.