Dealing with depression after a personal injury in California

Learn how to properly combat any depression you may experience after suffering a personal injury in California.

If you have recently suffered a personal injury in California, you may find that your physical injury manifests itself as an emotional injury. Your road to recovery involves taking equal care of both body and mind. Learn how to deal with any depression you may experience after your personal injury to better ensure you make a full recovery.

Talk with your friends and family

Your friends and family are likely to check in on you after your injury to see how you are getting along. Rather than respond with an automatic “fine” after they ask how you are, take a moment to truly think about how you feel, both mentally and physically. More importantly, be honest. Share any concerns or new aches or pains you have. Those closest to you may be able to reassure you regarding your fears or apprehensions, or let you know when you may need to talk to a professional therapist to better make sense of what you are experiencing.

Regain appreciation for activities you can no longer engage in

Rather than grow despondent that you cannot engage in pastimes and activities that you used to before your injury put you out of commission, it is more effective to renew your appreciation for those activities. Focusing on that passion can give you the push you need to do everything possible to recover and get back to your old life.

Talk to a therapist

Touching back on talking to a professional therapist, this may be a step you need to take to combat depression brought on by a personal injury. Therapists can help you make sense of what you are feeling. It may even be that you had underlying mental health issues before your injury that were exacerbated by your injury. You have to realize that your injury could be considered a trauma, one with effects that can linger with you long after your body has healed.

Take responsibility for your rehabilitation

True, your doctor and legal professional can help you recover from your personal injury, but you have to take personal responsibility for your recovery. By leaving everything to the experts, you are essentially giving up a degree of your agency, which can be more detrimental than you realize. Instead, it is better that you make it your mission to help build your legal case on your end and follow all your doctor's or physical therapist's orders. This level of focus goes a long way in pushing your depression to the side where it belongs.

Knowing you and your personal injury case are in good hands can go a long way in beating depression. Seek out the advice of a legal professional in California to boost your peace of mind.